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Endless Highway  by Eric Wood  Copyright 2018 Romany Music BMI

Don't know where I'm going
Guess I'm on my way
Leave this man alone and
This man he will stay
You know I'd like to leave with
At least with what I came
And hope the love we freed was
Worth the love we tamed

Guess I'm like the devil
No tomorrow for me
The sun it never rises
And never sets really
Coming off these mountains
Everything that's traveling must lay low
All I see that's tied down
Leans towards where both you and I are going ...Going down this

Endless Highway

I'm really going to miss you
Babe you are the best
I'm glad at least I risked all that I am
For no one less
The times this hard cold concrete
Makes me long for something warm and soft
I never will forget that
Nobody but you can get me off ...Get me off this

Endless Highway

Cat's Out of the Bag    by Eric Wood     Copyright 2018 Romany Music BMI

Good people Undertaking survival
Wonder why they're perpetually stuck
In a long irreversible spiral
Where down so long looks just like up
But word on the street has gone viral
Into hearts weeping tears made of blood
Come time to act
Cat's out of the bag

Good people's empathy's used against them
Their goodness dismissed as two-shoed
Keep playing a game they can't master
Nor imagine they'd ever want to
Though their own howling dogs could not reach them
Desperation's all their patience' produced
And it can't be put back
Cat's Out of the Bag
Cat's Out of the Bag

Good people are such righteous believers
Always give the benefit of the doubt
To misled malicious misleaders
But our welfare's not what they're about
And their time has expired at the meter
Kick those predator plutocrats out
Their decks are all stacked
Cat's Out of the Bag
Cat's Out of the Bag

Drivin' Blind      by Eric Wood         copyright 2018 Romany Music BMI

It don't matter where you're from
Where you've been's from where you've come
Dig the ride or don't get on
Lean into the curves
Say your prayers yesterday
We're already on our way
You can even stay awake
If you got the nerve
If you got the nerve

No one knows the road we're on
No one exits, no beyond
We just take it as it comes
And get to where it goes
Come what may, come what will
Guaranteed to get our thrill
Keep on keepin' on until
We take the fatal dose
Take the fatal dose

No brakes
Just hold on tight
Drivin' Drivin' Drivin' Blind
Drivin' Blind

If you got some place to go
Promises you'll keep or won't
If you got a heavy load
You won't last the ride
If you got to take control
'Cause you're 'fraid you'll take a fall
If you got no faith at all
You will not survive
You will not survive

No brakes
Just hold on tight
Drivin' Drivin' Drivin' Blind
Drivin' Blind

At the wheel's where you belong
Catch the groove before it's gone
Where it's at is where it's goin'
And we may only be
Someone's word from far away
Uttered while we weren't awake
Still we got to keep the faith
Try and just believe
Try and just believe

Hairpin Curve   by Eric Wood copyright 2018 Romany Music BMI

I recognize you
Anywhere I see into myself
As though you were always there
I don't disguise you
Dress you up to look like someone else
In my prayers

I recognize you
Even when you try so hard to be
Practically invisible
I'll help to hide you
Even when you need to hide from me
Hoping you'll...

Recognize me
Recognize you

I recognize you
Though I cant predict the road you'll take
We're traveling on the same fuel
If you decide to
Turn away and cause my heart to break
I'll free you

I'll recognize you
Even when again we chance to meet
Passing 'round this Hairpin Curve
If in your eyes there's
No reflection left of me to see
I'll still see yours

I recognize you

Forgotten Blues  by Eric Wood  Copyright 2018 Romany Music BMI

Feel like I've been forgotten
Know I'm to blame because
None of my friends are dead and gone 
They're just, driven away and lost
And I must be pretty damned rotten
I must be real bad news
Made 'em all hate me just so I
Finally could sing The Blues

Used to have lots of money
All of my dues were paid
Beautiful women in my bed
But gambled them both away
Now it's just destitution
Guess that my bed is made
Might as well lay down gracefully
Go to an early grave

Somebody used to love me
Somebody used to care
Stood both behind and above me
Now there's nobody there

What if I said I'm sorry
What if I said Ive changed
You wouldn't believe me anyhow
So I might as well stay the same
Keep heading down this low road
Just as high as I choose
Couldn't sing those love songs anyhow
Might as well sing The Blues

The Myth of Progress      by Eric Wood    copyright 2016 Romany Music BMI

Why'd you break the rules, Jack
Slept through all of school
Played us for the fools that
We worked so hard to be

Why's Jack always smiling
Just how does Jack fly

Luck is for the losers
Wisdom for the fools
Jack you've got no future
Towards which your present leads

Take the position
Wake up to our vision
Welcome to the prison

You're some kind of hero
You're just one big bluff
Those who come to zero
Only want enough, so

Why's Jack always smiling
Just how does Jack fly

Reagan's Lament     by Eric Wood   Copyright 2018 Romany Music BMI

There was a right and a wrong way to live that every one could see
There was a common understanding of decency
And it was easier in those days to recognize the enemy
And that kept us afloat

But there were those who came along who were determined to resist the status quo
They were not satisfied aspiring towards the usual goals
Derived some perverse pleasure out of seeing themselves rock 'n' roll the boat
'till we were sinking in ourselves

But we're going to get it back, America
Put a Cadillac in everyman's garage
Mercilessly attack and save the world
Kings on a mountain of sorrows

Such great benevolence has never in the free world once been seen before
People from all over the planet come begging ...crawling to our door
Seems everybody's got their hands out even our ungrateful neighbors to the north.
But God helps those who help themselves (and we do)

He in his great infinite wisdom saw it fit to make us keeper of the keys
And anyone who doesn't like God's plan's God's enemy
To even more clearly elucidate this point we've the technology
The keys to heaven and to hell ... (and we better use them, or)

We're going to get it back America
They say; we've got it coming to us
Mercilessly attacked then they'll become
Kings on a mountain of sorrows

Voodoo Wind  by Eric Wood  Copyright 2018 Romany Music BMI

I'm moving on
To a more perfect world than we live in
Leaving no footprints
In the shiftin' sands of time
I just stopped holding on
'Cause I'm only at peace when in motion
Why claim a stake in
Other than the highest prize

Into this heart of Mine
Came such a Voodoo Wind
I dared to cross a line
I can't cross back again

So far to come
Just to finally get loose and away from
Whatever's kept you
Too attached to where you've been
Once on the run
It's a little too late to turn back on your freedom
Nothing can stop you
Or be stopper for you again

Into this heart of mine
Cam such a Voodoo Wind
I dared to cross a line
I can't cross back again

Pocket Full of Dreams     by Eric Wood    copyright 2017 Romany Music BMI

Earl works the all-day shift
Comes home quite out of steam
Looking for what might lift
His little self-esteem
What's in him bends him over
But things aren't what they seem
His pocket's full of dreams

The energy he needs is killing him
And his children's children too
He used to be an explorer
Now he's hidden in a plain point of view
His power lies in repeating lies more believable than truths
His hands dig deep into

Pockets Full of Dreams
Pockets full of Dreams

Delores, Earl didn't know her
She lived in the house on the hill
Privileged to an overview
For which Earl's kin died and killed
She mocks his resentment as envy
She blames Ear for his ills
She's wary of his schemes

Democratic dogma
Delores deems naive
Deluded and self-deceptive
Underlie all that Earl believes
Yet her fortune's derived from investing in
Bringing the world what Earl's achieved
And extinguishing extremes for

Pockets Full of Dreams
Pockets Full of Dreams

Well, I'd have no problem with these two
This could have happened to me
I easily might have bought into
Anything either of them believes
The most enslaved is he who
Falsely believes he's free

It's a fabled world we live in
Where the truth's become dissent
Where those who are forgiven
Are those who won't repent
Compete for mere survival
Concede their soul's intent for

Pockets Full of Dreams
Pockets Full of Dreams

Call of the Wild     by Eric Wood    copyright 2016 Romany Music BMI

There was a place under the still yellow sun
Before the plunder and the perils had begun
Before we overstayed our welcome
Before the fever
And in that place so unpredictably free
Arose a race against uncertainty
Where nothing paid more than dishonesty
And getting greedier, now

Who's not afraid to fall in love
Who's not afraid to fall in love
Who's not afraid to fall in love anymore

The wild cats that roam this green, fruitful Earth
The human beings that know what this place is worth
Any who seek what truly quenches the thirst
Have all retreated
Leaving this planet to those plunderers
Weak souls, hollow fools and squanderers
And those intent on leading followers
And following leaders, but

Who's not afraid to fall in love
Who's not afraid to fall in love
Who's not afraid to fall in love anymore

Time those who pray might lift their knees from the floor
Time won't be waiting for what they're waiting for
Who's not afraid to fall in love
Before it's too late
Who's not afraid

Time the freedom found in chains is refused
No more blindly blundering back to the noose
Buying bogus ancient curse-casters' truths
From treacherous teachers
Ain't going to fiddle while Rome burns anymore
Ignore the little time that's left to restore
The rhyme and riddle that give hope to the heart
Of every creature

Not afraid to fall in love
Not afraid to fall in love
Not afraid to fall in live anymore